My heart is warmed

Seriously, I had happy tears that I had to wipe away before I could even start this.

On twitter there was a trending tag #blackhairchallange. I went through some of the tweets to admire the great hair styles that were being posted. Those women put some intense time and effort into their hair. I wanted to admire it and share some of the positive energy. After a while some people started to retweet and such. I looked through profiles and saw more of the struggle that I knew was already there: Racism. Here were black men and women gathering together to make a difference.

To be honest, I was scared of someone trying to accuse me of appropriation or something. That really wasn’t my intent. Well it never happened. Instead, I was welcomed with open arms and even added to a list of others with the same intent. It just made my heart so fucking happy.

I want any of my blogs, accounts, or whatever to be a safe place for anyone. Seriously, if you need help or want to raise more awareness for an injustice talk to me. Send me a private message or anything. You’d be surprised what I might be able to accomplish. I have no shame in using any white privilege that I have to help out someone that doesn’t have the same luxury.


I fucked up…

So I did this at 3AM. For the new chapter instead of titling everything “Nothing Went Right” versus “The World Makes Me Sad”. Which is the wrong chapter title. And I already submitted it to Amazon. I get made the cover art wrong. Fuck. And I can’t fix it until Amazon approves it or denies it. Fuck.

This is why you don’t wait until you are about to go to be to do important stuff.

Fuck it.

I enjoy writing things and releasing these little chapters every week. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do like it, it means you’re awesome and we should be friends. I won’t sensor myself or adhere to the ‘typical’ ways that things are done. It just feels very… not me.  I want to genuinely express myself in the way that I am. Fuck the Normies. I am a fucking weirdo and proud of it. I bring random sentences to life in crazy ways that still somehow fit. My roommate and I were laughing so hard last night that we couldn’t breathe. Seriously, I told her “Your legs are glaring at me in Japanese.” I believe with my whole fucking heart that no one else has ever uttered that statement before.

Why would I give up that type of fuckery? If something/someone wants me to be different, go fuck yourself. I can’t help but think of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystic saying, “mutant and proud” in X-Men: First Class. While I can’t shift my appearance at will, I can twist the English language in such a way that some people have never seen. I consider that a super power.

With just my voice powered by a brain opened up to new possibilities, I can encourage people to laugh, cry, and (most importantly) imagine.

My rant is finished for the moment. Now go on you fucking weirdos. Go out there in the world and do something fun.

Chapter 3- The World Makes Me Sad

The next installment is going to be much less fuckery (still some though) and more of a public service announcement. There is going to be some ranting involved, but on a topic I think most can agree on. The people that don’t agree are horrible. You may question me on that assessment now, but wait until you read it to judge me.