My heart is warmed

Seriously, I had happy tears that I had to wipe away before I could even start this.

On twitter there was a trending tag #blackhairchallange. I went through some of the tweets to admire the great hair styles that were being posted. Those women put some intense time and effort into their hair. I wanted to admire it and share some of the positive energy. After a while some people started to retweet and such. I looked through profiles and saw more of the struggle that I knew was already there: Racism. Here were black men and women gathering together to make a difference.

To be honest, I was scared of someone trying to accuse me of appropriation or something. That really wasn’t my intent. Well it never happened. Instead, I was welcomed with open arms and even added to a list of others with the same intent. It just made my heart so fucking happy.

I want any of my blogs, accounts, or whatever to be a safe place for anyone. Seriously, if you need help or want to raise more awareness for an injustice talk to me. Send me a private message or anything. You’d be surprised what I might be able to accomplish. I have no shame in using any white privilege that I have to help out someone that doesn’t have the same luxury.


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