Fuck it.

I enjoy writing things and releasing these little chapters every week. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you do like it, it means you’re awesome and we should be friends. I won’t sensor myself or adhere to the ‘typical’ ways that things are done. It just feels very… not me.  I want to genuinely express myself in the way that I am. Fuck the Normies. I am a fucking weirdo and proud of it. I bring random sentences to life in crazy ways that still somehow fit. My roommate and I were laughing so hard last night that we couldn’t breathe. Seriously, I told her “Your legs are glaring at me in Japanese.” I believe with my whole fucking heart that no one else has ever uttered that statement before.

Why would I give up that type of fuckery? If something/someone wants me to be different, go fuck yourself. I can’t help but think of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystic saying, “mutant and proud” in X-Men: First Class. While I can’t shift my appearance at will, I can twist the English language in such a way that some people have never seen. I consider that a super power.

With just my voice powered by a brain opened up to new possibilities, I can encourage people to laugh, cry, and (most importantly) imagine.

My rant is finished for the moment. Now go on you fucking weirdos. Go out there in the world and do something fun.


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